"My goal is to own a recreation center specifically for inner-city kids..."

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In high school, Vanessa Lewis knew she wanted to become a basketball coach because of the way her own coach inspired her and ministered to all the players. Lewis saw the way her coach implemented her faith through practices, wins and losses. This demonstrated to Lewis how she could pursue her love of basketball while still showing others her faith.

Eventually, Lewis hopes to one day start a business that is built upon her passion for sports and her desire to serve others.

“My goal is to own a recreation center specifically for inner-city kids,” Lewis said. “I want kids to come and have sports skills taught to them without paying hundreds of dollars to be on a team because several of those kids are talented and just need an opportunity to succeed.”

Lewis is president of the kinesiology club and helps organize the Bison Stampede 5K and 3K. In the future, Lewis hopes to help organize the plans for a children’s triathlon.

“Every year in the club we have bonfires, cookouts and mini Olympics,” Lewis said. “All of the activities help us get to know our peers and form relationships with them.”

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