Ramen Doodles

John David Stewart, integrated marketing communication major from Searcy, Arkansas, started doodling while he was sick at home, but had no idea that it would turn into a well-known brand on campus — Ramen Doodles.

“The summer after I graduated high school, I got strep throat, and I got very bored. I started doodling these cats, and I did not think anything was gonna come from that,” Stewart said. “My first strip that I did got retweeted by HU First Experience, and after that, somebody from Student Publications reached out to me and asked if they could feature my comics in The Bison.”

Stewart soon transitioned from having a few of his pieces in the Bison, to being hired as an illustrator. He also runs an instagram account where he digitally publishes his comic strips and sells merchandise.

Ramen Doodles covers topics that students can relate to, from being starstruck after an interaction with President Bruce McLarty to being worn out after a challenging club week.

“A lot of my inspiration just comes from interacting with people on campus and seeing things that I would think were funny,” Stewart said. “I think it’s been beneficial for people on social media and in the paper to see them because they’re light hearted.”

Stewart said that the comic strips have gotten a lot of positive feedback, and people look forward to seeing them each week.

“I look forward to seeing people read them and laugh,” Stewart said. “I’m glad that I’m able to contribute to that.”

Check out Ramen Doodles in The Bison or follow John David on Instagram ( @ramen.doodles_ ) and Twitter ( @ramen_doodles_ ).

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