Halle Miller

Hometown: Murphy, Texas
Major: Psychology

Halle Miller’s work in the Beyond Professional Identity research lab with Dr. James Huff has given her the opportunity to learn qualitative research from an expert, an experience she did not expect would be possible at the undergraduate level. Her research focuses on social connectedness among African American female students at a Christian university.

“Hands-on learning helps me to make mistakes in a safe environment where I can learn from them now and do better in the future,” she said.

Additionally, Halle’s participation in the Honors College helps her connect psychology to other courses, expanding her knowledge in topics that interest her. Advice from professors, a psychiatric internship and various leadership roles have prepared her well to pursue graduate programs.

As a leader in the Black Student Association, Halle has helped provide a home for students of color. “It is important to have a place for students who may not always feel like they belong and to add another perspective to the conversations happening on campus. Harding is very community oriented. … I encourage you to look for opportunities to get involved in something that may be outside of your comfort zone.”

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