Spencer Strasser

Hometown: Ormond Beach, Florida
Major: Accounting

Why did you decide to join a social club? I decided to join a club freshman year to meet people I may not have had the chance to interact with — people with different interests and points of view. I also wanted to find a community that enjoyed similar activities, like fishing and camping. More importantly, I wanted a group that would encourage me to grow spiritually.

What are your favorite social club activities? Sports are a good way to see friends and stay active. From water polo to basketball, there’s always something to do. Biweekly meetings and devotionals are also great to stay in touch with how the members of the club are truly doing.

How does being in a club help create relationships? Beta Omega Chi is a medium-sized club, and one of the things we do best is making intentional relationships. I always feel comfortable enough with any member that I could start a genuine conversation or share concerns. Sponsors have been not only great role models but true friends I can joke with and enjoy their wisdom. Through club week and Spring Sing I was able to meet many members from other clubs and make friendships that will last beyond my senior year. These relationships may be what I cherish most.

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